F Scott Fitzgerald’s St. Paul is a city of winter dreams and ice palaces, lakeside parties and neighborhood hijinks. These stories of ambition and young love, insecurity and awkwardness, pit a poor boy with energy and intelligence against the upper classes where he hopes to become a glittering success. This selection brings together the best of Fitzgerald’s St Paul stories–some virtually unknown, others classics of short fiction. Ms. Hampl’s introduction traces the trajectory of Fitzgerald’s blazing celebrity and its connections to his life in the city that gave him his best material. Headnotes by Dave Page provide specific ties between the stories and Fitzgerald’s life in St. Paul.

“We have no Fitzgerald museum in St. Paul, no boyhood home–the family lived in apartments–but this book is the only monument he needs, his own stories, with historical notes, and Patricia Hampl’s shining essay for absolution, and Zelda’s benediction.”
Garrison Keillor

As Editor:
The St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Borealis Books
ISBN: 0873515129